Terms & Conditions

General conditions | Rent a car

TERMS OF PAYMENT - The estimated cost of rental is required at the commencement of the rental.

PRICES INCLUDE - Unlimited Km, VAT , unlimited liability insurance and damage expenses. Groups: A, B, C - 750 € |D, E, H, J - 1.000€ | E1,E2, F, F1, G, H1, H2, J1, L - 1.250 € | J2 - 1.750€ | I, I1, G1 - 2.000€ | M, M1 - 2.500€. Excess insurance plus VAT.

SCDW - Groups: A, B, C - 7,50€ /day | D, E, H, J, L - 10€ /day | E1, E2, F, F1, H1, H2, J1 - 15 €/day | I, I1, J2, G, G1 -20€/day | M, M1 - 25€/day. Minimum 3 days of car rental.
RDW - Groups: A, B, C - 375€ | D, E, H, J - 500€ | E1, E2, F, F1, H1, H2, J1, L - 625 € | J2 - 875€ | I, I1, G, G1 - 1.000€ | M, M1 - 1.250€. Excess insurance plus VAT.
LCDW - Groups: A, B, C - 4€/day | D, E, H, J, L - 5€/day | E1, E2, F, F1, H1, H2, J1 - 7,5€/day | I, I1, J2, G, G1 -10€/day | M, M1 - 12,50€/day. Minimum 3 days of car rental.
TDW - Groups: A, B, C, D, E, E1, E2, F, F1, G, G1, H, H1, H2, I, I1, J, J1, J2, K, L, M, M1 - 4€/day | Minimum 3 days of car rental.


P.A.I. Passangers insurance - 4€/day. Minimum 3 days of car rental.

NOT INCLUDED Fuel, traffic fines, any damages to tires, garaging or parkings.

VEHICLE LEAVING COUNTRY - May be arranged against payment of extra fund, being mentioned in writing on the contract.

MINIMUM AGE OF DRIVER - 23 years of age and 2 years of driving experience of other vehicles.

IMPORTANT WARNINGS - The rental ends on the day and hour fixed by the client, at the time of initiating the contract. lf a prorogation is required, the same must be asked with a minimum of 24 hours in advance and duly paid for accordingly, otherwise you will be driving without insurance and we will be holding the car unduly.

Rates are subject to change without previous notice. Visacar can not be held responsible for any personal object left inside the vehicles.
Services carried out between 8PM and 8AM are increased by a night rate of 25€ The client is responsible for the payment of tolls on Motorways.

Road Tax: 1,5€ / day to add to the rental value, relating to the management of tools, being 5€ the minimum value and 15€ the maximum value per rental.